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The Adventures of Little Bea

Did you see Little Bea on J dock this past summer?  Come hear about Dan Turk’s adventures on Little Bea so far and about his plans to sail her to

Sail Trim Talk with North Sails

The presentation will go over all points of sail and how to use your sail controls, leads and trimming to get the most out of your sails while racing. We


Beat the Winter Blues Dance

Come and shake off the winter chill at our lively "Beat the Winter Blues" dance! The electrifying tunes of Urban Noise will keep the dance floor pulsating, so don't miss

Music Bingo

Step into the rhythm at our Music Bingo extravaganza! As the beats fill the air, your task is simple yet entertaining – listen to the tunes, locate the song title


The Armdale Yacht Club (AYC) extends a warm welcome to Members, Visiting Yachts, their Crews and Non-Members alike. The AYC offers a complete range of facilities and services to meet the needs of todays yachtsperson, their families, friends and guests.



Office Location
75 Burgee Run
Halifax, NS B3P 0C9

Telephone: (902) 477-4617