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2023 Registration opens in March!

AYC Sailing School is committed to delivering nationally recognized coaching and instruction at all sailing levels in a welcoming and accessible environment. We offer programs for all ages and experience levels and welcome participants in our programs to take part in the Club’s activities and racing competitions. While the majority of our on-water programs take place during the spring, summer, and fall seasons, we also offer classroom and theory based educational sessions throughout the winter months. Please visit our Checklick registration page to learn more about our current course offering.

Registration for next year’s on-water sailing programs will open in March 2023.

Fun for everyone

Our Adult & Family Keelboating Program is intended to introduce people to the sport of sailing by learning the basics and getting on the water in a fun and accessible format. Open to adults and children (11+) who are accompanied by them, training takes place on our Soling keelboats during weekday evenings and select weekend afternoons.

Our Adult & Family Keelboating program offers experienced instructors, loads of fun and lots of outdoor time!

Our club Solings are perfect boats for groups of 2-3 and offer an excellent balance of “small boat” fun with “big boat” stability and comfort. In our Adult & Family Keelboating program, participants learn basic sailing skills and, depending on the interest of participants, more advanced technical skills and also cover racing roles of both skipper and crew.

Our focus is sailing “on the water”, as well as theory and on-land activities (knots, rigging, safety, etc.)  Participants will enjoy quality instruction by experienced CANSail certified instructors. Participants in our Adult & Family Keelboating program can opt to receive CANSail Start Keelboating certification for an additional fee.

Junior sailing, major fun

Our Junior Sailing programs follow the CANSail curriculum with certified instructors. Our goal is to teach sailing skills to broad audiences in a safe, fun, and accessible environment.

Open to ages 8-16, junior sailors can register in either our CANSail 1-2 program or CANSail 3-4 program. Training takes place on a variety of dinghies, including our ZIM Prams, Optimists, Laser Picos, and Club 420s.

Programming runs Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Students must provide their own lunch and an approved PFD. Tender service with pickup and drop-off at Horseshoe Island and Jubilee Road wharves can be arranged for an additional fee.

Have your own boat you would like to use for training? We can do that! Junior sailors with their own boat can register and participate in our programs at a reduced rate. Just look for the separate registration category for “Bring Your Own Boat” on our Checklick registration page.

Not sure whether your boat is suitable for our programs? Contact and we are happy to discuss it with you. For a full list of options and pricing in our junior programs, please visit our Checklick registration page.

1. Adult & family keelboating program

Our Adult & Family Keelboating program is unique in that it enables you to customize your own schedule.  Your initial enrolment fee includes registration in your introductory on-land session. Participants can then pick and choose nine (9) on-water sessions throughout our season of dates. You create your own program schedule! (Subject to availability).

Select one of the on-land sessions as your first lesson, and then choose the remaining nine on-water sessions from any the dates shown on our Checklick registration page.

Available slots in each of our on-water sessions are given on a first come, first served basis. You can wait to select all of your on-water sessions, or select all nine at the time of registration.

Introductory sessions are held at following times:
June 13: 5:00pm – 9:00pm
June 16: 5:00pm – 9:00pm
June 25: 1:00pm – 5:00pm
July 7: 5:00pm – 9:00pm
*All participants must enroll in one of the above introductory sessions before beginning on-water training.

On-water sessions are held throughout the according to the following days times:
Mondays: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Tuesdays: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Fridays (biweekly): 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Saturdays (biweekly): 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Sundays: 1:00pm – 4:00pm

2. Junior sailing programs

Our Junior sailing programs take place across 4 two-week sessions, Monday through Friday. Our sessions begin in early July.

Each day, our junior sailing program begins at 9:00am and finishes at 4:00pm. Junior sailors may arrange for pickup and drop-off by tender at Horseshoe Island and Jubilee Road public wharves for an additional fee (for more information on our tender service, please visit our Checklick registration page)

Our junior sailing CANSail 1-2 and CANSail 3-4 programs are held according to the following session dates:

Session 1: July 4 – July 15
Session 2: July 18 – July 29
Session 3: August 1 – August 12
Session 4: August 15 – August 26

3. Our 2022 season calendar of dates

Our fees

Fees vary according to program. For a complete breakdown of our fees and program options, please visit our Checklick registration page.

Membership discount

AYC Members receive a 15% discount on all Learn to Sail fees. To claim your membership discount, you must first receive a discount code from the AYC Office which is used at the time of checkout on our Checklick registration page. To contact the AYC Office to obtain your discount code, email or telephone 902.477.4617 ext 1.

Want to become a member? We’d love to have you

Become a Social Member (you don’t have to own a boat to become a member) and enjoy the member rate for the Learn to Sail Program.  To find out how to become a member, visit the Join AYC section of this website.


All registrations in our programs are subject to our Terms of Service and Participation Agreement.

Cancellations by registered participants

Once registered, all registrations are subject to a 25% cancellation charge. Cancellations received within two weeks of the start date of the course or scheduled session are subject to a 50% cancellation charge. Cancellations made less than two weeks prior to the course start date or scheduled session are non-refundable. All cancellations may be processed through our Checklick registration system.

Cancellations by us

In some cases, it is necessary for AYC to cancel or postpone Learn to Sail activities on account of inclement weather, or to ensure the health and safety of participants. In these cases, AYC will offer substitute catch-up sessions for participants, and best efforts will be made to ensure that such catch-up sessions suit participants’ schedules, but refunds will not be provided.

Sailing for everyone

Armdale Yacht Club’s Learn to Sail program is committed to expanding access and participation in sailing. With a rich history and tradition of sailing on the Northwest Arm, we believe that everyone should be able to get on the water and have fun.

Broader Reach is a specific project of our Learn to Sail program which offers no-cost Learn to Sail opportunities for newcomers to Canada and members of historically underrepresented groups.

If you would like to participate in our Learn to Sail programs and support the Broader Reach program, there are many ways you can help! One way is through our Checklick registration page, where you can make a small non-taxable donation to the Broader Reach Fund by adding it to your cart at checkout.

Want to receive a tax receipt? For donations greater than $20.00, tax receipts are available if donations are processed through the National Sport Trust Fund – Nova Scotia chapter as facilitated by Sport Nova Scotia. Donations to the NSTF can be made online here. For more information on how you can make a charitable donations and receive a tax receipt, please visit 

Do I need to bring any of my own equipment?

In general, we provide everything you need to get on the water, but there are a few exceptions. All participants in our programs must supply and provide their own life jacket (DOT approved PFD), soft soled non-marking shoes, as well as a notebook and pencil. All participants in our junior sailing programs must also provide their own packed lunch. Hydration is also very important, so participants in all programs should come with their own water bottle.

What sort of clothing should I wear?

Participants in our programs should come dressed for the weather. On sunny days, we recommend that you wear a hat, sunglasses and put on sunscreen. You may also wish to wear a long-sleeved shirt. Sailing can be a high UV exposure activity, and it is important that you protect yourself. Halifax weather is anything but predictable, however, and so participants should also come dressed for cooler, foggier and misty conditions where appropriate.

Will I receive certification?

All participants in our junior sailing programs will be taught and evaluated in accordance with the CANSail curriculum. This will result in evaluation and certification as part of the CANSail 1-2 and 3-4 programs.

Participants in our Adult & Family Keelboating program can opt-in for certification in the CANSail Start Keelboating program for an additional fee. This fee represents the costs involved in carrying out evaluations and obtaining the necessary certificates from Sail Canada.

The decision to receive certification can be made at the time of registration, or at any time during the season. For more information on how to opt-in for Start Keelboating certification, please visit our Checklick registration page.

Can my child participate in multiple junior sailing sessions?

Absolutely. Junior sailors can participate in more than one training session throughout the season!

Can I register for only a few sessions in the Adult & Family Keelboating program?

Once participants in our Adult & Family Keelboating program have registered and paid for their introductory session, they can pick up to nine on-water sessions throughout our calendar of dates. They can also participate in fewer than nine.

Registration in these on-water sessions can be done all at once, or piecemeal throughout the season (subject to availability). Where participants complete fewer than nine on-water sessions at the end of the season, they may not receive the optional certification under the CANSail Start Keelboating program.

Where participants register and pay for nine on-water sessions along with the optional certification but end up participating in fewer than nine on-water sessions, the certification fee for Start Keelboating will be refunded to the participant through our Checklick registration system.

More questions?
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