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If you’re looking for a place to store your Kayak or Canoe, AYC may be the perfect location!

AYC Members desiring seasonal “Kayak Privileges” (or Canoe or Dry Sail Dinghy) may obtain same for a fee.

Non Members must submit an application for approval through the Club business office.  The approved application will be kept on file at the Club and may be used to contact the individual if necessary.

AYC Kayak/Canoe Storage Application Form

Kayak Privileges will be valid for the period May 1 to October 31 in a given year and must be renewed annually.  Kayak privileges are strictly limited to the launching and storage of kayaks.  For Non-Members, no other boating privileges and/or use of the Clubhouse is permitted.  Kayaks/canoes may only be launched from the ramp near the AYC Sail Training Centre.

An annual fee of $125 for Members and $300 for Non-Members will be charged for kayak privileges which will include storage on a rack located in a designated area on Club property near launching platforms.  The annual fee must be paid at the time of application or renewal of privileges and is non-refundable.

Owners must provide their own securing and locking devices.  AYC does not accept responsibility for any theft or damage to kayaks, canoes etc. left on Club property.

The operational period for kayaks will be between the hours of sunrise and sunset.  After dark transiting through the AYC marina and mooring field is not permitted for safety reasons. Violations may result in the cancellation of privileges.

On approval, a Non Member applicant will be issued a card for identification purposes whenever on or about AYC premises.  In the case of tandem kayaks only one individual will be required to have a card but must accompany the cardholder.

While on Club property, Non Members with kayak privileges are expected to abide by the AYC Code of Conduct applicable to Club Members.